Lone Star Legal Aid is working hard to honor the men and women who have served our country.  We are doing this through our initiative Lone Star Lawyers for Lone Star Veterans.  One aspect of this project to serve Texas Veterans with civil legal needs is a weekly legal clinic for veterans operated by our dedicated Lone Star Legal Aid Longview office. The veteran legal services clinic takes place every Thursday from 1-3 p.m. for veterans and veteran dependant’s who have civil legal problems but cannot afford an attorney.  If you are a veteran or a veteran dependant and need legal help please come to this free legal services clinic located at our Lone Star Legal Aid Longview office at 140 East Tyler St. Suite 150, Longview, Texas 75601. This is a special clinic operated in addition to our regular intake hours.

 If you have a legal emergency, please contact Lone Star Legal Aid immediately.  Please help spread the word about what Lone Star Legal Aid is doing to honor Texas Veterans by passing along our flier LONGVIEW CLINIC FLIER VETS and brochure  LONESTARLAWYERS LONGVIEW CLINIC BROCHURE.

For more information or if you are an attorney or paralegal who would like to help honor Texas veterans, please contact Dorman Brumbelow at (903) 758-9123 or Rebekah Mason at (713) 652-0077. 


About Lone Star Lawyers for Lone Star Veterans
LSLA honors Texas veterans and service members by prioritizing their unique civil legal needs through our initiative, “Lone Star Lawyers for Lone Star Veterans”. We engage LSLA staff, community partners and pro bono attorneys to provide free legal services, advocacy and education to veterans and service members. LSLA is the fourth largest legal service organization in United States; we provide free civil legal services to low income individuals and families who have immediate civil legal needs but cannot afford an attorney. LSLA offers a broad range of free civil legal services to qualifying individuals, including family matters, child advocacy, education and civil rights, public benefits, health care access, consumer issues, home ownership, tenants’ rights, employment, estate planning, probate matters and disaster relief. LSLA serves one-third of Texas, its service area spans 76 counties throughout Texas and Arkansas and includes Fort Hood, Houston and Waco, regions which have high concentrations of veterans and military families.

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